Organic Wines

Organic Wines

Made from Organic Grapes and Additive Free, Biodynamic Wines are Great for Every Occasion.

Looking after your body shouldn’t mean cutting back on fun! As you may know, conventional wines are the result of a process that involves high levels of pesticides, herbicides and added preservatives. Of course, we want to limit the amount of these chemicals that end up in our bodies and in the environment, so it is the Natural Point way to source great tasting Organic Wines for you to enjoy.

The method behind organic wines is of course that no artificial or synthetic chemicals are used in their production. The organic vineyards work with nature, rather than against it, to increase biodiversity and simultaneously keep weeds and bugs under control. All organic wine is certified by an independent organisation, meaning that when we say our wines are 100% organic, they really are organic!

Love your Body, Love Ibiza!

Ibiza is an island of nature lovers, and at Natural Point we love ingredients that help protect our wonderful island home, her residents, and visitors.

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