Food Intolerance



Why should I get tested for food intolerance?

Food Intolerances like Lactose Intolerance can have Life Changing Symptoms. A Food Intolerance Test can Help.


Many of the day to day discomforts we encounter can have a root in the food we eat. We are not just saying that eating junk food is bad, which of course everyone knows. We are speaking specifically about an abnormal reaction that can occur when your body comes into contact with certain proteins. The symptoms are varied, and entirely unique to the individual; this can lead to food intolerances remaining undiagnosed for many years.

If you have occasional flare ups of conditions like bloating, digestive issues, skin conditions or headaches, it is possible that the symptoms are connected to something that you have eaten. Unlike the immediate reaction that occurs when, for example, someone allergic to peanuts accidentally eats satay sauce, the symptoms of a food intolerance may take hours or even days to manifest.

Therefore, food intolerances remain difficult to spot without a professionally conducted Food Detective Test.


What is a Food Detective Test?


Using the globally recognised Food Detective Test, we measure antibodies that are linked to inflammatory conditions in the body. With a 99.9% accuracy, we will find the specific foods to which you are intolerant by analysing a pin prick sample of your blood.

Following the initial consultation test, you will receive your results in twenty four hours.

We then we provide two follow up consultations, and a personalised diet plan with a guided treatment program, ensuring that you finish our treatment with the knowledge that your food-future is in your hands.