About Us



From an early age, Melody was fascinated by healthy eating and natural remedies. After studying Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy at university in Sydney, Australia, she became a professional in that field in Australia. Founding Natural Point has been the natural progression of her life’s work.



Hello, my name is David Molinari, Co-Founder of Natural Point. I am a licensed optometrist and practiced in this profession in Northern Italy until 2009; at which point Ibiza called, and my life took a new and exciting direction. Ibiza is where I have found my happiness and inner peace, particularly since the arrival of my daughter Naomi in 2014.


Ele has travelled the world to broaden her horizons, and has attained advanced education (Curso Superior) in Nutrition from the University of Barcelona. Her focus now is in holistic nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic techniques.