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Natural Point is a natural health food store and treatment centre in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. We are advocates of healthy living through naturopathy, which is a system based on the healing powers of nature. Our bodies have a natural tendency to be in balance and to heal themselves; it is our role to assist your body in achieving this goal.

In our large health food Eco shop we have everything; from vegan protein powders, vitamins, gluten free pastas and breads, herbal remedies and supplements, even natural cosmetics!

Our friendly, qualified and knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the best quality natural products and therapies. We can test you for celiac or food intolerances, empowering you to make lifestyle changes towards your best possible health.

Let food be your medicine and visit Natural Point soon, Santa Eulalia´s favourite health food store.


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Super simple recipes for simply awesome food

Hi! I am Melody, owner of Natural Point. As an experienced Naturopath, I love helping people find natural ways to healthier living.


Super simple recipes for simply awesome food

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